Friday, 11 May 2012

Dinner at Napa Rose, Anaheim

 We were really excited to visit the Napa Rose restaurant, which is located in the Grand Californian Resort & Spa at Disneyland.  As regular visitors to Walt Disney World in Florida we have sampled the best of what Disney restaurants have to offer, from the 11 course tasting menu at the Chef's Table in Victoria & Alberts through to the delights of the California Grill with it's unforgettable views.  Napa Rose is the creme de la creme of the Disneyland Resort and there was high expectations for this meal.

When we entered the venue we immediately noticed the Charles Rennie McIntosh influence from the high back seats, stain glass windows and the rose design that Rennie McIntosh is famous for.  We asked the waitress about this but she didn't really know anything about it, which is surprising as the staff at Disney restaurants usually know the back story the restaurant.

We were brought over a selection of bread, which include onion bread, olive bread and a crisp bread (Pictured above).  The onion bread was excellent and definitely the highlight, warm and delicious.  The olive bread was ok and the other forgettable.

We decided to share the signature wood fired pizzetta which was topped with smoked prosciutto, red grapes, caramelised onions and cambozola cheese.  The ingredients worked well together and the grape was a new sensation but tasted better than I expected.

For my main I ordered the Venison, which was accompanied by sage and bacon whipped sweet potatoes and black trumpet mushroom essence.  The venison was nice but I found the sweet potato disappointing, as there was no hint of bacon or sage in the sweet potato.

Anna ordered the filet mignon with the same sides.  She thoroughly enjoyed the filet, which was good quality beef, although the filet at California Grill may be slightly better.

For dessert I ordered the Dulce De Leche creme brulee which was not so good.  It came in a biscuit base which took up much of the dessert leaving little in the way of flavour.

Anna feeling full ordered the spiced pear and blood orange sorbets.  The blood orange sorbet was excellent but the pear sorbet was poor.

As a congratulations gift we were presented with two chocolates each (even though I cant eat chocolate) Anna thoroughly enjoyed these later on in the hotel.

On reflection we definitely prefer dining in Florida and look forward to returning there in November.  However I would be willing to give Napa Rose a second chance should we return to Anaheim.

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